Entry Level Database Administrator Resume

Oracle Database Administrator Sample Resume
Oracle Database Administrator Sample Resume image source: resumepower.com

If you are looking for a career as an entry-level database administrator, then you should take the time to create an entry level resume. Here is a guide to creating this type of resume that will get you noticed in today’s competitive job market.

The most common resume template starts off with an overview statement, then has three main sections: education, skills, and job experience. You can find many samples of these sections online, including entry level database administrator resume samples. Historically, resumes typically revolved around the skills section only. However, in today’s competitive job market, this information is not sufficient.

Information about education is essential, but also requires an eye for detail. In addition to the education section, you should also include information about your degree or certificate, if any, including your program description, coursework, GPA, honors earned, and any awards or distinctions received.

This information should also include information about your job experience. In addition to listing your position in order of experience (supervisor, manager, etc. ), list positions in the company you worked for. If you had training for a particular position, include a copy of your training records, including dates and locations.

One of the most important things to include in an entry level resume is your professional references. These should be listed in the appropriate section of the resume. However, you should make sure that your references are recent and should be included within the career section, so that you have a clean look that does not distract from the key points of the resume.

If you are seeking an entry-level database administration job, now is the best time to start creating your own entry level resume. These documents will help set you apart from the crowd, and you will gain the valuable experience needed for your future career.

The first step toward a good quality resume is to take a close look at your current job description. The job you are currently holding will dictate much about the content of your resume, and this must reflect the job you are applying for. A career path in the field is also important; this is the information you will include in the resume.

Your career objectives will also play a role in your entry-level database administrator resume. If you are looking for a new position, write down your desired career goals.

Finally, you need to list any awards and honors you have received, along with a statement about how these awards and honors may benefit your career. If you are planning to upgrade your existing employment history, include that information as well.